Insurance Advice for Individual Yoga Instructors & Wellness Professionals

YogiChuck, founder of YogiChuck Insurance Services, helps explain why Yoga Instructors and other Health & Wellness Instructors and Teachers need insurance coverage and the main coverage points. As your trusted insurance advisor, Chuck looks to serve Yoga Instructors, Yoga Studios, and other Health and Wellness modalities navigate the insurance waters. In this video Chuck addresses the 4 main coverage aspects that should be in every policy: General Liability, Professional Liability, Medical Payments for Participants, and Abuse & Molestation coverage. This video breaks down these coverages and why you need them as a teacher and instructor so you can serve your clients with the peace of mind knowing your’re covered properly. As always please check with your insurance advisor and or attorney to make sure your own situation is properly covered. You can email us at or check out our website for more FAQs